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We specialise in the installation of Rubber Roofing on Flat roofs on Domestic and Commercial buildings in the North East.


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All of our roofers are time served roof installers and fully insured.


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We are specialists in EDPM Rubber Roofing installation. We work using the highest building standards using high-quality Rubber Roofing material.


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Our work is to the highest standards and aim to ensure that all new customers would be happy to refer us when people need a new flat roof in the North East


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We make sure that every roof we install is done to the highest building standards using up-to-date rubber roof installation techniques and materials. So by doing this, you know that your new flat roof will be good for the next twenty years and beyond.

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When you need to replace your flat roof and are looking for a solution that will last, then you should consider installing an EDPM / Rubber Roof.

 Flat roof technologies have progressed over the last few years, so replacing your flat roof with a Rubber Roof can eliminate many of the common problems that are associated with having a flat roof. Installing a flat rubber roof can ensure that the roof will have a long-life span with little to no maintenance.

 Flat roofs can be problematic for homeowners as generally they are not covered under your home insurance policy, so if you are replacing a flat roof there are a few things that you should consider. When you replace your flat roof, you should choose a long lasting and hard-wearing material. By doing this you are giving yourself peace of mind that you will not have to replace the roof again, but it can also add to the value of the property by reducing concerns of potential buyers.

The Rubber Roofing Company are fully insured and time served roofers that specialise in the installation of EDPM Roofing. We also erect tiled roofs and can offer advice and guidance on your existing roof.

We are specialists in fitting a flawless flat EDPM roof and our aim is to be the go to company across the region for Rubber Roofing. We can only achieve this goal by providing an excellent product with excellent service and guarantees.

 We are happy to work on all sizes of projects across the North East and we look forward to speaking to you about your roofing needs.

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We’ve Been Working in Roofing for 25 years

Working across Tyne and Wear, we have been building new roofs for Domestic and Commerical properties to the highest building standards.

Customer Reviews

“Replaced a large commercial flat roof with a new Rubber Roof which should be the end to my leaky roof problem. Professional company with good service.”


“Our garage roof was shot and needed to be replaced. Rubber Roofing Company gave us great advice and a good price. We now have a new roof and looks great!”


“Fitted a new rubber roof around our new extension which incorporated a skylight. The fitters were clean and tidy and the job was finished to an extremely high standard.”


Rubber roof for a porch

Flat Rubber Roof Installation

To arrange a free quote for your roof all you have to do is to contact us by either clicking the button to send us a message, hit the Facebook messenger button, or if you are on mobile, just call us!

If you have a Flat Roof, why should you consider having a Rubber Roof?

When you need to replace your leaking, unattractive flat roof, you should consider the possibility of fitting an EPDM | Rubber roof, instead of using felt. There are many advantages to using Rubber over felt!

There are many advantages of installing an EPDM (which stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roof, and the big advantage is the cost. In the long term, a rubber roof will outlast a felt installation, so fitting a rubber roof will save you money in the long term.

 The rubber used in fitting a roof is extremely long-lasting. The Roofers Guild estimates that a rubber roof can last between 40 – 50 years! There are many reasons why a rubber roof is so durable and one of the main reasons is that when it is fitted, most roofs can be laid in a single piece. This means, depending on the layout of the roof, that that there are no (of very few) seams. This means that because there are fewer seams, there is less chance of water getting under and destroying the roof and everything underneath.

 As we have said, rubber roofing is durable. It is extremely weather-resistant, and because rubber is not susceptible to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it will not deteriorate like felt. However, more likely in British weather, your roof will be exposed to extremely low temperatures and rubber roofs are resistant to cracking and breaking under icy temperatures.

 So, we have said that Rubber Roofing is long-lasting and durable, and to add to that, it is more environmentally friendly in comparison to felt. The production of a rubber roof takes less energy to make than other roofing products. A rubber roof can also be made from recycled materials and with that, the rubber roof can also be recycled as well. Other environmental factors include the insulation properties that a rubber roof can bring to a property. Rubber traps air in, so has excellent thermal properties.

 Rubber roofs can come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 45m up to 90mm. Which one should be used on your roof installation depends on several things, such as the pitch of your roof, the location of the roof, and many other factors. The expert roofers at the Rubber Roofing Company have the expertise to advise you on which is best for your roof.

 If you need a new roof for your domestic or commercial property, please get in contact with us and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote for your new roof.

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